Dezember 2019

ESOR ASKLEPIOS Course on Radiomics and Imaging Biomarkers in Oncologic Imaging

Ort: University Hospital Heidelberg Im Neuenheimer Feld69120 Heidelberg
Datum: 12.12.2019-13.12.2019
This course aims to familiarise radiology residents in their final years of training and board-certified radiologists with cutting-edge clinical and quantitative imaging technology using CT, MRI and hybrid imaging. The two-day course addresses the development of imaging biomarkers and radiomics in clinical practice, focusing on the precise and accurate analysis of tumours and their heterogeneity. The range of topics covers the currently most challenging areas of oncologic imaging, such as the management of patients suffering from tumours of the liver, pancreas, colo-rectum, lung, pelvis, prostate and brain as well as lymphoma. The course focuses on the clinical needs, technical solutions and practical implementation of quantitative imaging in primary diagnosis, staging, treatment decision-making, therapy response assessment, complications and follow-up surveillance. Also, the main aspects of validating and reporting imaging data are addressed. A unique group of European faculty members, well known for their experience in applying novel imaging biomarkers, offers top quality didactic lectures sharing their expertise and best cases. The combination of didactic lectures with interactive workshops guarantees the high educational value of this teaching program.For detailed course information please visit: http://esor.org/cms/website.php?id=/en/programmes/asklepios_courses/radiomics_and_imaging_biomarkers_in_oncologic_imaging.htm