April 2017

Imaging spectrum of primary and secondary mesenteric neoplasms

Ort: ESOI online education - live webinar
Datum: 24.04.2017-25.04.2017
http://esoi-society.org/index.php?pid=23&lang=1The mesentery is a fold of membranous tissue that arises from the posterior wall of the peritoneal cavity and attaches to the intestinal tract.Schematically, it can be represented as a wheel with the rim as the small bowel, the spokes as the two peritoneal reflections and the center as the root of the mesentery. Primary malignancy of the mesentery is rare with secondary neoplastic involvement of the mesentery a more common presentation. Many primary malignancy of the mesentery demonstrate typical CT/MRI features which enable to raise the diagnosis.Mesenteric infiltration from a distant primary malignancy can be seen which multiple characteristics patterns depending of the degree of involvement and type of spreading. Tumors spread within the spoke of the wheel from direct extension, lymphatic dissemination, via hematogenic course, or seeding through the peritoneum. The documentation of the latter malignant process is particularly useful for surgical planning. Indeed, it is especially important because infiltration of the mesenteric root may preclude surgical resection.This presentation will 1/ focus on the characteristic appearances of primary and secondary mesenteric neoplasms at CT and MRI based on a pattern related approach 2/ discuss treatment possibilities and describe the sites of the mesentery in which surgical debulking or resection may be difficult.