Oktober 2015

15th Internat. Cancer Imaging Society meeting and annual teaching course

Ort: The Clore Education Centre at the British Museum, London. UK
Datum: 05.10.2015-07.10.2015

The 15th annual course of our Society will focus on practically orientated education of cancer imaging through interactive teaching and the fostering of active learning. Multidisciplinary work practising state of the art and novel imaging techniques will be highlighted in cooperation with the British Nuclear Medicine Society. Special plenary sessions give attention to the targeting of cancer treatment with developments in image guidance in surgical and radiotherapy treatment planning, in choice of chemotherapy and interventional image-guided therapy. Keynote lectures highlight the use of ultrasound microbubbles as both a diagnostic as well as a theranostic tool and on the future directions of PET/MR. Individual learning is emphasised by small group sessions, interactive workshops and computer based hands-on workshops fostering active participation. A session entitled cases we would like to read again will present interesting oncologic cases reviewed with the benefit of hindsight. There will be scientific sessions, dedicated to proffered papers, presenting research in the field of imaging in oncology. There will also be a poster exhibition and the best overall paper and poster will be awarded a prize. A special lecture will be given on Tuesday afternoon by one of the founding Fellows of the Society, Prof Rodney Reznek. As a reflection of holding our 15th meeting within the Clore Education Centre of the British Museum, his lecture is entitled ‘Imaging the Ancients’ and will give an insight into the use of cross-sectional imaging in archaeology. This course is designed for all radiologists, nuclear medicine physicians and other specialists interested in the diagnosis and management of oncology.