ESMRMB - Advanced Cardiac MR Imaging

Ort: Policlinico Agostino Gemello, Rome/IT
Datum: 13.09.2018-15.09.2018
MRI has evolved to a valid and robust clinical tool in everydaypractice. The unique feature of tissue characterisation bymeans of T1-/T2-/T2*-/ECV-mapping together with cardiacmorphology, function and flow with excellent spatial, temporaland contrast resolution explain its outstanding role in imagingcardiac disease. Multiple sequence options require stringenttayloring of imaging protocols and knowledge of both, pathologyand modality. Beginners and advanced course participantslearn basic principles of cardiac MR and discuss dedicatedprotocols based on real cases. Clinical topics provide deepinsight into congenital, valvular, ischemic, inflammatory, andpericardial disease as well as storage disorders, masses andcardiomyopathy. Participants discuss these disorders withrespect to relevant clinical questions. Strengths and limitationsof MR and CT are highlighted. The focus of this course is MR,but CT and its role for coronary imaging and cardiovascular riskassessment are also addressed.http://esmrmb.org/cms/website.php?id=/en/school_of_mri/cours/advanced_cardiac_mr_imaging_.htm