ESMRMB - Advanced Pelvic MR Imaging

Ort: Hospital Quiron Madrid / Spain
Datum: 06.09.2018-08.09.2018
Technical advances have opened up new diagnosticapplications in MR imaging with MRI gaining an increasing rolein this patient population also in a clinical routine setting.This course will offer an overview of current MR imagingstrategies for the diagnosis of pelvic diseases including foetalimaging and pelvic floor MRI. Established as well as potentialfuture indications will be reviewed compared to other imagingexaminations. We will discuss hard- and software requirementsof MR systems for optimal clinical use as well as the optimisationof imaging strategies and diagnostic advantages arising fromthe application of contrast agents.The aim of the course is furthermore to convey in depthknowledge of morphological changes of the pelvic organsunder pathological conditions.We would like to welcome you to this course in, where Europeanexperts in the field of MR imaging will be given the opportunityto share their knowledge with you in plenary lectures andreinforce the information in small group discussion.